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Quality Policy
Quality Assurance System Planning Activities

Quality Policy and Quality Objectives

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Quality Policy and Quality Objectives

 Quality Policy and Quality Objectives

    1.The company's Quality Policy is

        Quality-oriented, excellence, customer first, reputation first.


  The company’s Environment Policy is: 

  Improve the environment, comply with regulations; control pollution and reduce waste,   and sustainable development.


The company’s Occupational Health and Safety is:

Compliance with laws and regulations, prevention and control; safety first, prevention first.


2.The company's Quality Objectives:

Products first inspection passing rate≥95%;

Customer satisfaction ≥90%


The company's Environment Objectives:

1) Fire accident, 0

2)Hazardous waste recovery rate, 100%

3)Waste water and waste gas Meet the standards that can be discharged


The company’s Occupational Health and Safety Objectives:

1)Casualties ,0

2)Minor injury, <2

3)Eliminate occupational diseases

4)Special equipment and accessories maintenance and inspection rate 100%

5)No fire explosion or hazardous chemicals leakage accident.

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