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Affiliate classification
Product description
Product standards:
Seamless tube and pipe
ASTM A213, A269, A312, A376
EN 10216-5
Characteristic Properties:
•excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion . 
•Niobium-stabilized stainless chromium-nickel steel for use at temperatures up to 850°C (1560°F).
•Good  mechanical properties,offers higher creep and stress rupture properties
OD: 10.3-914mm
Wall thickness: 0.8-60 mm
Lengths up to: 12 m 
Typical applications include:
.TP347:  high temperature gaskets and expansion joints, rocket engine parts, aircfraft collector rings and exhaust manifolds and chemical production equipment.
.TP347H: anti-corrosive super heater in steam power plants , heat exchanger, pipes system and heat exchangers for petrochemical industry
.It is also frequently used for cooling tubes in ammonia converters, because of its good resistance to nitrogen absorption and good corrosion resistance.
.With its good hot-strength, and good resistance to hydrogen sulphide and intergranular corrosion,It is a suitable material for furnace tubes in refineries. Furnace tubing used in vinyl chloride production is another example of applications .
Seamless TP347/TP347H pipes , Huachang Actually Delievered:
ASTM  A312 TP347H  610X50X7000mm 
ASTM  A312 TP347H  610X50X2000-6000mm 
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