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Product Name:


Affiliate classification
Product description
Product standards:
Seamless tube and pipe
-ASTM A213, A312, A269, A376, (A511)
-EN 10216-5
Characteristic Properties:
•Titanium-stabilized stainless chromium-nickel steel. 
•Suitable for wet-corrosive service but also has good mechanical strength at high temperatures.
•Good resistance to hydrogen sulfide gas and intergranular corrosion  
OD: 10.3-1219 mm
Wall thickness: 0.8-60 mm
Lengths up to: 12 m 


Typical applications include:

· Airplane exhaust pipes

·  Turbo superchargers, oil refiners, high temperature chemical production equipments

·  Furnace heat treated parts in sulfurization and hydro-treating plants

·  Heating element tubing in sulfurization and hydro-treating plants

·   Heat Exchangers, boilers

·  Dairy, food, brewage and chemical industry equipments

·   In the petrochemical industry the steel is used in cracking furnaces for the production of ethylene and vinyl chloride.


Seamless TP321/TP321H pipes , Huachang Actually Delievered:

ASME/ASTM SA/A312 TP321/321H  965X12.7X4800mm,Year, 2010.
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