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UNS N08800

Product Name:

UNS N08800

Affiliate classification
Product description

Product Standard:

ASME SB163/SB 407

ASTM B163/B 407 

Characteristic Properties:
•A solid solution high tensile Ni-Fe-Cr alloys with the control of C, Al, Ti, Si and Mn content; same austenitic structure 
as austenitic stainless steel; good machinabilty during hot and cold work.
• Good anti-corrosion and resistant to high temperature; good mechanical properties in 600℃
•Like austenitic stainless steel, TIG, MIG and manual arc welding methods available. 
•With high content of Ni and Cr, good resistance to oxidization and carburization in high temperature
OD: 10.3-914mm
Wall thickness: 0.8-50 mm
Lengths up to: 12 m


• Outer Sleeves for Sheathed heaters,thermocouple protection tube, heat treatment furnace and other components 

used in high temperature 

•Heating component tubes---- good mechanical property 

Acetic anhydride decomposition---- anti-corrosion during production process 

•Applied in 600℃ high temperature environment 


Seamless UNS  N08800 pipes , Huachang Actually Delievered:

ASTM B407 UNS N08800 33.4X4.55X4500mm

ASTM B407 UNS N08800 42.2X4.85X6000mm

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