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UNS N08811

Product Name:

UNS N08811

Affiliate classification
Product description

Product Standard:

ASME SB163/SB 407

ASTM B163/B 407 

Characteristic Properties:
•High creep strength
•Very good resistance to oxidation
•Good resistance to combustion gases
•Very good resistance to carburization
•Good resistance to nitrogen absorption
•Good structural stability at high temperatures
•Good weldability
OD: 10.3-914mm
Wall thickness: 0.8-50 mm
Lengths up to: 12 m
N08811 as high strength and structural stability at high temperature and very good ductility. The most common applications for this grade are :
Pigtails and headers in plants for the production of synthetic gas for ammonia, methanol and town gas
Furnace tubes in the production of vinyl chloride, ethylene and radiant tubes
Heater, Heat exchanger tubing for fluidized bed combustion
Muffle tubes in continuous wire annealing furnaces
Thermocouple protection tubes

–   Spiral pipes, straight pipes, dry pipes, pipe manifold, pipeline, catalyst tube and condenser pipes used in steam 

and hydrocarbon technique

–   Applied in various acid, salt and H2S corrosion environment

–   Components in Ethylene decomposition furnace

–   Pyrolysis pipelines for dichloroethyleneacetic anhydride and ethenone

–   Used in steam system and high reaction system of helium cooling.


Seamless UNS  N08811 pipes , Huachang Actually Delievered:

ASTM B407 UNS N08811 18X3mm
ASTM B407 UNS N08811 33X5.54mm
ASTM B407 UNS N08811 168X12mm
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